HunTac Universal Dot Target - Trainingsscheibe

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  • HT-UDT-10
Versatile shooting target for practicing the fundamentals
The HunTac Universal Dot Target offers a wide range of possibilities to train your personal... more
Product information "HunTac Universal Dot Target - Trainingsscheibe"

The HunTac Universal Dot Target offers a wide range of possibilities to train your personal basic skills in a wide variety of effective ways.

The front offers countless possibilities with numerous dots.

Four fields with 25 dots each are ideal for dot drills in all variations.

Two rows of dots of different sizes offer the opportunity to train the cadence from slow to fast and vice versa with one or more shots.

There are pictograms at the bottom of the target to help you easily analyze mistakes.

The reverse side combines numbers, shapes and colors for a variety of partner exercises with the well-known Casino Drill by Tom Givens.

Numbers, shapes and colors are very effective for training in teams by calling out a number of shots and the hit zone with a lot of variance to set each other tasks and thus direct the focus from consciously working through the shooting technique to the task and to train the basics subconsciously.

The Casino Drill by Tom Givens combines basic skills with precision and robust weapon handling with the time factor.

The procedure:

Three magazines prepared with 7 rounds each. Gun loaded and holstered.

At 5m/5 yards, one shot is fired from the holster (IWB/OWB) on a timer signal in numerical order at the hit zones, one shot at the number 1, two shots at the number 2, three shots at the number 3, four shots at the number 4, five shots at the number 5 and six shots at the number 6. The gun is going to run in slide lock twice and has to be reloaded with an emergency reload.

Each miss or procedure is penalized with +1 second.

The goal is to shoot in 21 seconds or faster.

The HunTac Universal Dot Target shooting target is the perfect companion for training with these and even more possibilities.

Size: DIN A1 (594x841mm)

Paper: 250g

Available in 10- and 25-piece stacks.

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