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Fiber Front / Fiber Rear The VTAC Glock sights are designed to give you the best of three... more
Product information "Viking Tactics Glock Sights"

Fiber Front / Fiber Rear

The VTAC Glock sights are designed to give you the best of three worlds. During daylight you have an intense fiber optic tube that allows for quick sight acquisition as well as increased speed during target transitions.
For darkness you have the ability to see your sights regardless of the situation. If you ID a threat you can use the night sights, if you use your light you can simply use the outline of the tapered front sight.
These sights have several unique features, the first being fiber for the front and the rear. These fibers allow you to see the sight and align no matter the situation. If you find yourself in an non standard position these dots will not only help with alignment of the sights but tell you where each sight is and where they need to go to get that alignment.
The front sight is tapered for several reasons. We wanted a fine aiming point so the top of the sight is .110”/2,8 mm. This allows for a smaller sight and installation of a fine fiber for accuracy. The wall thickness increases as you get near the night sights. The VTAC Glock sight is intended for use on all Glock Pistols.
These sights are made for point of aim point of impact at 15 yards.
If you have a Glock 20 or 21, your point of impact will be approximately 1-2 inches low at 15 yards.
If you want the fastest combat sights on the market you need to run the VTAC Glock Sights.


Front Sight
Height .263“ / 6,7 mm
Bottom Width .153“ / 3,9 mm
Top Width .110“ / 2,8 mm

Rear Sight
Height .272“ / 6,9 mm
Notch Width .145“ / 3,7 mm
Depth of Notch .192“ / 4,9 mm

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