S&B 1.5-8x42 Stratos

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  • SB1.5-8x42Stratos
  • A universal, super fast scope for every conceivable application.
The 1.5-8x42 Stratos is a universal, super fast scope for every conceivable application... more
Product information "S&B 1.5-8x42 Stratos"

The 1.5-8x42 Stratos is a universal, super fast scope for every conceivable application featuring an ultra-bright FlashDot in the first focal plane. The scope features a large sized exit pupil for fast target acquisition. Its harmonic exterior design makes the scope the ideal selection for high-quality hunting rifles.

Technical Data:

Exit pupil 12,0mm - 4,6mm
Twilight factor 5,20 - 18,33
Field  of  view  at 100 m 23,9m - 4,6m
Eye  relief  distance 90mm
Basic click system
Total adjustment range
1cm / 100m
1m / 100m
FlashDot Reticle FD7 (FFP)
Tube diameter: 30mm
Objective lens diameter: 42
Magnification: 1.5-8
Purpose: Hunting
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