GRS Stock Berserk

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  • GRS-8105501
Rugged, reliable, and weatherproof.
Rugged, reliable, and weatherproof.  The Berserk stock has all the adjustability... more
Product information "GRS Stock Berserk"

Rugged, reliable, and weatherproof. 
The Berserk stock has all the adjustability you need for cheek piece and length of pull. The rubberized ergonomic grip and fore-end connect you with your rifle in a way you have never felt before. 100% control. This makes you able to get in the crosshairs faster and take quick accurate shots. 
If you are using this stock for prone and standing shooting we recommend getting the height-adjustable recoil pad option for added shooting comfort.


Weight: approx. 1400 grams

Length of pull: 33,5 - 36,3 cm

Total length: 75,5 cm

Barrel channel: 22mm diameter

Torque settings: 5,0 Nm

Bedding blocks are installed.


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