Fluna Tec SDR Silencer-Cleaning Set

Fluna Tec SDR Silencer-Cleaning Set
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Special Cleaning Set for the cleaning of silencers of all kind. Fluna SDR is a special cleaner... more
Product information "Fluna Tec SDR Silencer-Cleaning Set"

Special Cleaning Set for the cleaning of silencers of all kind.

Fluna SDR is a special cleaner and degreaser for the automatic cleaning of silencers. Fluna SDR automatically cleans metal surfaces of powdery debris and combustion residues.


Automatically cleans residue-free and degreases at the same time

Easy to use, good material compatibility

Application :

Empty half of the enclosed concentrate bottle into the empty PVC case and dilute this concentrate in the ratio 1: 3 with water, which gives 500ml cleaning solution. The whole content of the concentrate bottle is sufficient for 1 liter cleaning solution, that is 2 applications. If possible, dismantle the silencer and place it in the can with the detergent mixture. Non-dismountable silencers can be placed in the cleaner as a whole, or filled. In this case, the filling has to be done from the front-side. The back-side must be closed tight by using a silicone- or rubber plug to avoid that the cleaning mixture leaks out. The exposure time is between 0,5 and 8 hours, depending on the degree of soiling. Warming up the cleaning mixture up to 40°C increases the cleaning efficiency and redudes the exposure time. The cleaning takes place automatically and can be supported by shaking. A black / brown discoloration of the cleaning solution becomes visible when effective.

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