DDoptics V6 Riflescope 2,6-16x42 | Gen 3 (MRAD)

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More than 6x zoom with only 42mm objective diameter
- More than 6x zoom with only 42mm objective diameter - 14m-2.5m field of view - autom. Red dot... more
Product information "DDoptics V6 Riflescope 2,6-16x42 | Gen 3 (MRAD)"

- More than 6x zoom with only 42mm objective diameter
- 14m-2.5m field of view - autom. Red dot
- perfect for use at night with a front attachment
- reticle adjustment metal towers (no plastic)
- CT Glas (Clear Transmission) (
low dispersion)
- double scaling (Doubleturn)
- Zerostop for ASV
- hard tactical 0.1 MRAD click lock
- new, minimalist reticle
Powerful parallax compensation with 10m close range
- 1 pair flip caps included

For use day and night

The “V6 2.5-16x42 Gen. 3“ for highest demands
Despite the small 42 mm lens, the rifle scope is ideal for all hunting areas due to its light design and low target coverage.

Highlight is a special parallax compensation with its oversized setting range.
The “V6 2.5-16x42 Gen. 3 “in combination with a NSG or WBK attachment (observe legal regulations)
demonstrates its superiority over other riflescopes while night hunting.

The 3rd generation riflescope V6 2.5-16x42 from DDoptics

Made of a robust aluminum alloy, is shockproof and free of plastic parts.
All aluminum parts are provided with a non-shiny "fine black" anodizing coating.

The optics convinced with high-performance CT glass (Clear Transmission), which guarantees a bright and clear view and
offers a high-contrast, parallax-free and color-true image with outstanding sharpness and excellent transmission
even at 16x magnification.
With a view of 14 m or 2.5 m (with 2.5x or 16x magnification), the optics are suitable for every hunting application.

High quality equipment

The riflescope has a wafer-thin illuminated reticle A4N (2nd image level), which covers the target only minimally.
In low light conditions or at night, the non-reflective red fiber optic light point can be dimmed precisely
and continuously and is optionally available with an intelligent automatic on / off switch (iFiber ™).

The "V6 2.5-16x42" has a quick reticle adjustment (ASV).
Metal towers for height and side adjustment are completely waterproof. The ASV has a double turn and a zero stop.
It allows to set different shooting distances depending on the wind direction and wind strength or a possible movement of the target.

It is adjusted by 0.1 MRAD (milliradiant) per click. This corresponds to 1 cm at 100 m.
The click adjustment works absolutely precisely and repeatably.

Adjustment range

One turn of the adjustment tower corresponds to 10 mrad. (100cm by 100m).
The total adjustment range is 26 mrad. (260 cm at 100m).
This enables to an adjustment range from 2600cm to 1000m.

The "V6 2.5-16x42" riflescope offers important advantages with its large adjustment and magnification range:

On the one hand, the 16x magnification means the shot can be fired safely over long distances during the day.
The large adjustment range of the reticle adjustment enables the precise setting of shot distances.

On the other hand, while night hunting in combination with an NSG, WBK attachment (observe legal regulations), parallax compensation with its oversized adjustment range can also achieve high increase.
The parrallax compensation (close range 10m) specially designed for this application is able to compensate for image 
blurring caused by NSG-WBK attachment even at higher magnifications, which does not work with riflescopes with weaker or without parallax compensation.

In times of high wild boar populations the riflescope is nearly perfect for hunting at night with special permits.

Technical details:

Weight: 610 g
Generation: III
Remuneration: HDX III
Magnification: 2.5-16
Lens diameter lens: 42 Ø of the lens in mm
Exit pupil Ø in mm: 10.6 -2.6
Field of view 100m: 14-2.5
Field of view 109yd: No.
Eye relief in mm: 186-100
Diopter compensation: -3 to +3
Reticle: New Reticle 4
Red dot II: yes
Reticle image plane: 2nd image plane
Reticle adjustment / click: 0.1 MRAD
Reticle adjustment (scaling): double
Parallax compensation: 10-500 - ∞
Surface: fine black
Center tube Ø in mm: 30 mm
ASV Zerostop: Yes
Outer lens Ø in mm: 50
Total length in mm 356



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