Blade-Tech Training Barrel

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The Blade-Tech Training Barrel, is a replacement barrel developed exclusively for the... more
Product information "Blade-Tech Training Barrel"

The Blade-Tech Training Barrel, is a replacement barrel developed exclusively for the professional (LE/Military) and civilian firearm’s training industry. The training barrel has been designed to replace the functional barrel in an actual semi-automatic handgun.

The Training Barrel gives both Trainers and Students alike a distinct advantage over the other available training options with simulated plastic Red or Blue guns. The advantages are as follows:

1. The Training Barrel provides the ability of realistic dry-fire weapon handling during practice and training but more importantly eliminates any chance for a tragic accident, such as a negligent discharge of a live round.

2. The training barrel will allow full slide function which aids in tap rack manipulation drills and trigger function.

3. The training barrel allows the operator/instructor to use his/her OWN weapon by simply removing the factory barrel and inserting the high visibility yellow training barrel which is recognized as a safety color.

4 .When using the training barrel one of the many key benefits is that you are be able to get a good sight picture when presenting the pistol to a threat or target, this eliminates bad habits and promotes good training habits.

5. The training barrel is ideal for disarming, weapon retention, room clearing and CQB tactics.

6. While the solidly constructed training guns available today are 100% safe, they are not beneficial to teaching or demonstrating weapon manipulation along with trigger function.

7. The training barrel is lighter, smaller, and easier to transport than plastic training weapons and is made with strong impact resistant material which prevents flexing and bending; and is resistant to harsh chemicals.

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